Reply To: Инструкция по пользованию NHZ и установке помеченного узла (Hallmark Nod


Horizon: 27.50 HZ
13th June 2014 at 12:44 pm

wizard05 wrote:

Failed to connect to node – is NHZ running? Did you open port 7774?

pharesim wrote:
We just released V3.0 of NHZ
This is a mandatory interim release, based on NXT 1.0.3

With block 65000 we introduce NQT, older clients won’t be compatible any more after that. So be sure to upgrade as soon as possible!
The asset exchange is activated at block 70000

NXS was removed because of incompatibility issues, the new UI is located at localhost:7776
We have no plans to adapt NXS ourselves at the moment, if someone from the community is interested contact me to talk about a bounty for it.

NHZ V3.0.1 ZIP (SHA256 checksum)