Reply To: opinions please what is the better dividend: Pay out in ASSET or pay out in NHZ?


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11th September 2014 at 2:19 am

‘AndreasKae link’ wrote:
I want to hear your opionions to a question I am pondering:
what is the better dividend: Pay out in ASSET or pay out in NHZ?

E.g. this asset USDbitfnx has decided to pay out dividends in the form of more USDbitfnx, translated by market prices: \”How will the dividends be paid? Every 11200 blocks or 2 weeks the dividends will be paid. Every asset holder of USDbitfnx will receive his dividends paid in USDbitfnx. Example …\”

Quite as well one could choose to pay out dividends in the underlying currency.

Or probably even pay out dividends in the form of a second asset.

What are your opinions on this?

I cite from my original post which actually included a technical question (1) which I have already posted into a separate thread:,375.0.html – but here now my question (2):

I am wondering about dividends.
1) How to pay them? And
2) in which form?

Hmmm … Dividends are paid in relation to some income/interest, let’s say quarterly, 4 times a year. Imagine I want to pay dividends for my previously sold asset NHZZZZ (with total 1 mio shares) … because that listed part of my company ‘ZZZ’ has made 9500$ in that quarter.
On that day … imagine it were today … I convert that 9500$ to 20 BTC, then to 40 million NHZ – all cool. All my shareholders should now get something that has the value of 40 NHZ for each 1 NHZZZZ they hold that day.

So for example, if someone holds 10 000 of NHZZZZ shares (1%), he should get something that is worth 400 000 NHZ = 0.2 BTC = 95 $ as a dividend. So far so good.

But in which currency?

(2a) Would you simply transfer more ‘NHZZZZ’ to all shareholders of ‘NHZZZZ’, in relation to the current price of NHZZZZ?

(2b) Or would you pay out the dividends in NHZ?

Thanks for your attention!
And: Thanks for NHZ !

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What about the possibility of offering a choice between the two, or a combination of both? The AE functionality gives you a lot of flexibility, and the more options you could provide to your potential share holders, the more your shares would be desired.