Reply To: Cointropolis (split from marketing bounty, probably dead)


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3rd June 2014 at 10:43 pm

‘CoinTropolis_Justabit’ wrote:
CoinTropolis would like to earn NHZ through our marketing efforts.

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    [*]We just added on additional members, we’re 4 FT, 3 PT
    [*]We’ve handled Bitcoin Conferences for different coins in NY, Miami, remote assist Amsterdam and PayExpo speakers for NXT
    [*]I was invited by Sunny King to help build the Peercoin structure and external marketing efforts
    [*]Helped push swarm efforts in NXT community


We could lend some bandwidth.

I am interested in working for NHZ. I founded the NXT Studios to support NXT and other NXT ventures in providing creative visual marketing and promotional support.

I am also connected to John and Matt @CoinTropolis – perhaps we could all team up and put our complimentary skills together. That would be a very strong marketing team. My strength would be to create powerful visual campaigns for NHZ, provide art direction, concept development, graphic design, posters, social media campaigns, short films/commercials, animation and trailers.