Reply To: The distribution to development is growing up


Horizon: 9.50 HZ
6th June 2014 at 4:02 pm

‘clat link’ wrote:

ppl are dumping the nhz giveaway….

Not only the giveaway.

The 24H volume on Poloniex is 1286772.55347971 NHZ. The Giveaway was 3 Mio. I believe 90% of the volume is the giveaway. There are mostly sells about 1000 NHZ. For sure are also “nodes” who need the money and want wait for higher price. The distribution is unusual, but i believe in NHZ and i hope i will not be disappointed at the end. But life is a risk and the cryptoworld more then others. If i don’t trust the dev-team i dump my coins. “NHZ – distributed by bounties” is the titel of the OP.