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11th April 2014 at 8:56 am

Re: Problem with node bounties

‘cbkr link’ wrote:

It seams there is a general problem with online-time measurement of nodes and node bounty payment.
‘[list type=decimal]’.str_replace(‘
‘, ”, ‘
[*]The payout is made only once per hour. That would not be a problem, but there is also a time measurement shift.
– estimated payout time: 2014-04-09 19:40:00
– display of node check at 19:59.59:
? ? Uptime until next payout: -20m
– display of node check at 20:01.00:
? ? Last payout: 2014-04-09 20:00:09
? ? Uptime until next payout: 1439m
At each payout there is a \”time loss\” of up to one hour

There is a permanent shift in the online time measurement.
– immediately after payout: Uptime until next payout: 1440m
– 7 hours (420m) later: Uptime until next payout: 1064m (44m shift)
– 14 hours (840m) later: Uptime until next payout: 689m (89m shift)

The result of the mentioned above ist a permanent shift of payout of 3 hours. This means, that payout is always all 27 hours, not every 24 hours as expected.
I’ve checked this for several nodes in the last 6 days. Each payout was 3 hours late. The nodes were 24/7 online.

This is exactly what I fixed. :)

Edit: Here, have a small diff of the bugfix:

', '', '<? host.last_payout_uptime = host.full_uptime
>? host.last_payout_uptime = host.full_uptime-(host.full_uptime%Options.payout_time)').'

(Please respect that we can’t make the script public (yet), because it’s part of the things that make us different and I can think of at least one coin that would want to copy it. We just don’t want them to have all the fun without the work.)

Edit: I sent both of you a bounty for finding the bug.
th4o for finding the bug and reporting it first (10k) and to nhzfan for finding it and posting the detailed description (5k) :)

Point 1. of my post now works. There is no additional time offset because of hourly payout now.
Point 2. is currently still true. The permanent shift in online-time measurement now creates payout cycles of 26 hours :-(

@cbkr: Thank you for the bounty