Reply To: The distribution to development is growing up


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6th June 2014 at 5:29 pm

‘clat link’ wrote:

Of course not, we get bounties like everyone else (well, no. less). Should we have a fixed salary, or what did you expect?

Bounties for what?Who knows?What about next time?

I’m not part of the team, so i’m impartial. Your eternal gripes is simply annoying. You want always? more coins for your nodes, but others should work for free.
Please clat, do me a favor and disappear.
I have already told you once, you’re an annoying greedy crybaby.

I am selling 1336261.78380594 NHZ on the poloniex at 100 sat.You buy it,I disappear.

I don’t buy from you. Your price is allways to high. I bought 700k at 60-65 sat from the giveawaydumpers on poloniex. Do you think you are so important that i pay for your disappearing.? 😮

Dream on, little chinese boy? ;D? ;D