Reply To: Node Bounty


Horizon: 0.00 HZ
15th April 2014 at 1:04 am

So here’s my situation with the SBS

I have three nodes running


All three have passed payout times (almost 2 rounds each) but only one has paid bounty…all hallmarks are ok and properly match as per node check. The second and third addresses were linked to the same nhz account as the first address via hallmark creation using my “private key” for hallmark generation.

So I wonder why the second and third addresses do not payout automatically and the first only sometimes. Could there be a bug that does not allow multiple hallmarks to pay to a single account? Anyone else linking multiple hallmarks to a single account not getting paid automatically with SBS?

BTW – @cbkr kind request to pay bounty retrospectively for the above nodes (almost 2 rounds each with no bounty) thnx

EDIT: SBS is working…I’m the error…haha. cbkr helped me to determine that hallmarks were generated with incorrect secret phrase and so bounties were sent to unknown addresses! I’m the user..and error…in this case. Careful generating and entering hallmarks..