Reply To: NHZ Technical Features


Horizon: 0.00 HZ
19th June 2014 at 1:59 pm

So, I read the following quote on the NXT thread discussing a bug that occurred a few hour ago (still not sure what really happened but appears to be a tx from an account without enough funds – funds were sent to the account with “insufficient funds” and the blockchain regained momentum):

‘devphp’ wrote:
The more hallmarked nodes, the larger the network. The larger the network, the more trouble for DoS’ers. The network has to be large enough to outnumber DoS’ers. Besides, CfB said that Transparent Forging will be implemented only when the network is large enough. He believes it is not large enough now. So, set up more public (hallmarked) nodes or if you can’t, buy NSC asset on the Asset exchange to support other people setting up nodes for the network.

This got me thinking…

Since NHZ has a larger/stronger network atm, would it be possible to beat NXT to the post re: transparent forging. Could NHZ devs develop and implement TF before nxt?

NHZ still may not have a secure/well distributed enough network but talk about a great marketing strategy! LOL

Edit: I must admit that if you asked me to define TF, I would not give you a very clear answer so please do not hold me to the technical side…can someone expound more on the value of TF?