Horizon Platform Community 12/12/14: Coriizon Crypto Group – The Heart of the Crypto Community
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  • Coinerz

    12th December 2014 at 7:16 pm

    I am excited to announce a new project I have built on the Horizon platform to benefit the entire world of cryptocurrency! This is a pre-release ANN, features to be delivered in the coming week.


    – “What is it??”
    Good question! <3

    Coriizon is an innovative approach to a Horizon asset with the ambition to build one of the strongest, largest, and most informed communities in cryptocurrency, encompassing members of all other alt coin communities and being a valuable resource for newcomers and veterans alike.


    We intend to build a truly ‘grassroots’ organization in crypto, free of hype, full of information, and dedicated to uniting the greater community as a whole in easily accessible ways for the benefit of us all.

    -“Ok… But HOW??”

    Coriizon ($cz) is the currency (asset) – which allows holders of different amounts to access different “tiers” of the Coriizon Group which will offer increased benefits for each level.

    Coriizon Stats
    Total Supply: 4000
    Distribution: 4 Phase ICO on Horizon Asset Exchange
    -Phase 1: 1000 $cz @ 500 $hz each.
    -Phase 2: 1000 $cz @ 700 $hz each.
    -Phase 3: 1000 $cz @ 900 $hz each.
    -phase 4: 1000 $cz @ 1100 $hz each
    Tiers: “Access”: Advertising– 10 $cz: Provides access to private subreddit and community hub at /r/coriizon (Available this week)
    “High Access”: Marketing – 25 $cz: Provides access to private IRC (soon) + 1 month of IRCcloud for each 25 Coriizon held. Be involved in planning and get first updates on news and info.
    “Leader”: Development– 50 $cz: Highest level of information, private chat room, become moderator of /r/coriizon, be directly involved with deciding direction of coin + insider information and involvement in an upcoming secret project by the Coriizon Dev (me :D) and the community.

    Thanks for your interest and I hope that everyone likes the coin! I’ll be away this weekend but I will try to answer questions as soon as possible.

    Link to Asset: https://account.horizonplatform.io/#asset:3097791490151145294
    Asset ID: 3097791490151145294

    Thanks for reading!


    Horizon: 131.00 HZ
    12th December 2014 at 11:26 pm

    So you are buying into this community, but there is no ROI?


    Horizon: 121.00 HZ
    13th December 2014 at 10:35 am

    So you are basically charging people to join a subreddit which currently doesn’t have any members?

    You also say that the middle tier gets first updates on news and info. What will make your news and info more up to date than the news found on all the other crypto sites? Also, how is it to be verified as accurate?

    You are also expecting people on the highest tier to become involved in a ‘secret project’ which is being created by you and the community. Given that your community doesn’t exist yet and therefore won’t have any idea what this project is, how are you hoping to get people to pay extra to be involved?

    Also, as I’m sure you’ll agree, the ability to pay more is no basis to decide who are the best candidates to get involved in any project. How is this going to be managed without it turning into an unholy clusterfuck?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)