Horizon Platform Community [ANN] NHZ Lending Fund (Cancelled Please Read Update)
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  • striker7334

    25th September 2014 at 6:12 am

    This is a non-equity limited share investment fund that I believe can help bring long-term value to NHZ. I plan to use the funds for P2P Lending on BTCjam, BLC, and BitBond. My plan is to invest in loans with high interest that are mid-to-long term, the investments will have heavy due diligence on each borrower through the use of Ardeva and investment communities on social media. I’ve also arranged for 5% to be donated to the development of NHZ.

    Vision Statement:
    My vision is to create a high demand for the fund due to exceptionally high monthly dividends given enough time and the limited share availability. I believe this will help bring a unique value to NHZ and imprint a unique feeling with the currency. This is not a pump hard get fast returns fund it will require patience to grow at the rate I’m comfortable with but it will also provide a solid foundation for a potential Class A investment. The dividends will be small starting out, but with wise investments moves the fund will grow and so will the dividends.

    The IPO will be for a month to allow time for all shares to sell, Investing will begin November 1.
    Launch Date: 10/01/2014
    Investing Date: 11/01/2014
    First Dividend Date: 12/01/2014
    50 shares @ 32,520/share for a Net-Asset Value (NAV) of 1,626,000 NHZ (approx. 4 BTC)

    Payout Structure:
    Payout will be monthly at the first of the month for the total amount of the PROFITS, not the initial investment amount, and will be divided up as following:?
    Reinvestment: 20%
    Management Fee: 5%
    Reserves: 20%
    NHZ Development Donation: 5%
    Dividends 50%
    If no profits are made or the NAV falls below 2 BTC then there will be no dividend for that month.
    Dividends will be paid out in NHZ to each stakeholder’s address.?

    2 BTC will be used for investing
    2 BTC will be held in cold storage reserve to cover losses and defaults
    Each loan will have an investment starting cap limit of 0.1 BTC* to mitigate loss of funds.
    The total number of loans I plan to invest in is no more than 20 loans at a time until I’m comfortable with managing more.
    Half of the loans will be in USD tied and the other half will be in BTC to hedge against volatility.
    *Amount subject to change due to reinvestment amount and/or limited low risk loan availability.

    Share Buyback:
    At any time I reserve the right to close or sell the fund, I will put it up for a vote with the shareholders on how I should proceed. If the fund is closed all assets will be liquidated and returned to shareholders minus the development fund donation and management fee. If the asset is sold I reserve the right to request a fully verified Ardeva token as proof that my investors funds are in good hands.

    Best Regards,

    All investments have risk, this is no different, please don’t invest more than you can actually lose. Please take in consideration the future value of each currency and the future volatility of each market before investing.

    Disclosure: I do own stock in Ardeva and BigReport.io, however even if I didn’t I would still use them both they are excellent tools and resources for investors.

    Update: In the event of default on a loan and the reserve are used to cover the loss I will forfeit my management fee to the reserve fund until it is paid back.


    Update 9/29/14:Its with sad regret that I will have to cancel the launch of my lending fund. I decided to look more into the legality of the fund and what risk are associated with working in such a legal grey area. I was advised against starting the fund and the consequences that could follow if the SEC decided to try and charge me. At this time I’m not willing to take the risk, I apologize to all about this I’ve should have done my research before the announcement but I was excited to be a part of the community and I wanted to help it grow. I still will be an active investor in the community and project ideas and I will still try to help NHZ reach its full potential but I will do it in a different way. Once again I’m sorry about the inconvenience I caused everyone.

    Kind Regards,
    Dennis King


    Horizon: 0.00 HZ
    25th September 2014 at 12:24 pm

    Re: [ANN} NHZ Lending Fund

    Wow, this is a great Idea…

    So there will only be 50 stakes? I think there wont be much trading with such a low number of stakes, should be more…


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    25th September 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Re: [ANN} NHZ Lending Fund

    I understand the limited number of shares is a concern, but at the moment the NHZ AE is still in its infancy and paying dividends will have to be done manually. This amount is the amount I’m comfortable with managing for right now, I will consider issuing more shares at a later time as the AE development continues and depending on how successful the fund is. Hopefully the dividends will make up for the small amount of shares.


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    25th September 2014 at 6:03 pm

    Re: [ANN} NHZ Lending Fund

    Great work, very impressed with the work you’ve put into this!

    ‘striker7334 link’ wrote:
    I will consider issuing more shares at a later time

    So you’re aware, reissuance of existing tokens isn’t possible currently, although the feature has hit our dev radar. The simplest way I can think of around this would be to re-issue all shares, and swap them 1:1 to holders at the swapover time.


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    25th September 2014 at 10:29 pm

    Re: [ANN} NHZ Lending Fund

    Yeah that what I was thinking would be a good solution should I decide to issue more it would either be that or create a separate asset on top of this one but I like your idea better honestly. I have future plans to launch a webiste with the different loans I invest in so it would allow shareholders to track their investment in real time.

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