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  • scor2k

    30th October 2014 at 10:15 am

    Hello All!
    We want to introduce you to our service ( nxtex.net ) of direct exchange NXT to another currencies (NHZ included!). We work since April 2014 (only for Russian users). Our service provides an opportunity to buy or sell NXTs for RUR, USD, FIM, NHZ, but also for any other currencies you may have an interest to trade in. Our service is an intermediary between buyers and sellers of NXT (like localbitcoin). To make an exchange, you need to generate a valid NXT-token for the website nxtex.net.

    What we offer:

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      [*]The ability to quickly and profitably sell or buy NXT for rubles, dollars, FIM or NHZ.
      [*]Small fee (5NXT) for the execution of orders for the sale.
      [*]For the withdrawal of funds to your personal account – the fee will be 2%, but not less than 10 NXT
      [*]Easy and intuitive interface.
      [*]Protection against fraud transaction participants.
      [*]You can also sell or buy Nxt for PayPal and WebMoney.
      [*]E-mail notification of various events, such as sending you cash to you
      [*]Comfortable history of operations witch links to blockexplorer and orders


    If you have ideas, please post in this topic or send me PM.
    If you want to donate our project: NHZ-JABR-ZBBT-YMK6-BE4YY or NXT-54GV-KTZH-7YDY-7J63T


    Horizon: 440.00 HZ
    19th February 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Looks like this is dead?


    Horizon: 0.00 HZ
    20th February 2015 at 2:50 am

    “Micah Wallace, post: 4256, member: 858” wrote: Looks like this is dead?

    No, it’s alive =) Just problems with domain renewal:( Can’t renew domain, although payed for it :(

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