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  • Pizpie

    21st December 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Stakeholder script: The stakeholder script has been fixed and is back to running automatically. We are running it an extra 3 times, after that it will be back to the 1 a day payout.

    With developing new tech, there are going to be hiccups now and then, but we are always working to resolve such issues as promptly as possible.There were a wide variety of missed payments people were reporting so we took the average to come up with that number + the extra payouts we did a few days ago.

    Some people reported that accounts weren’t receiving payouts while some of their other accounts were. If you have an account that wasn’t receiving payouts, and you never received the extra payouts we ran, then we suggest moving your funds from those inactive accounts to new ones.

    We won’t be processing missed payouts manually, but with the recent fixes deployed, we are confident we should be back to running smoothly with all the scripts and explorer instance. We apologize for any inconveniences, and appreciate your patience while we resolved the issues.

    Multipool: We are pleased to announce that the multipool is now live and will be receiving updates as we continue to progress. You can get started with it here: http://www.hzmultipool.com/

    Block explorer: The issue that was causing the explorer to get stuck has been resolved, and we have not seen any recurring problems since then.

    Node bounty script: Payout script has been fixed and is back to running normally, and we haven’t detected any issues since the fix was deployed. Some users are reporting nodes not being detected even after a few days, and we are actively investigating this issue and will post an update / deploy a fix when we have solved the issue.

    V1.2.9 client update: Currently in development by a contracted developer, and will hopefully have something to show by years end.

    Trust / Reputation: Currently in development and will hopefully have something to show by years end as well. This is one of our defining features that will play a crucial role in unannounced developments.

    New ANN page / Forum turnover / Horizon FAQ Wiki / Updated tutorial videos: All of these are actively being worked on and should be completed soon and deployed.

    – The Horizon Team

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)